Live Online Casinos UK

Live Online Casinos

Gamers who prefer to play favourite casino games in real-time as they would at a land-based casino often opt for live casino sites. There has been a rise in demand for live casino games; thus, many gambling sites now feature these games.  

Furthermore, these casino sites stream live casino games to your mobile or desktop device. 

Some of the live dealer games that you can play include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and many others. These games are interactive, and you have the privilege to choose your preferred live dealer.   



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What are Live Online Casino Sites 

Live UK Online Casinos are top-notch gambling sites that offer interactive games through live dealers. Put differently; these websites allow players to win real money playing live casino games.  As mentioned earlier, most UK casinos online offer these services to meet the growing demands for live dealer dealer csaino site games.  

It will interest you to know that these websites come with modern and innovative features, including mobile compatibility, exquisite design, top-quality graphics, and the latest encryption and firewall technology.  Also, some of these websites have started embraced Virtual Reality Gaming.  

Live casino sites offer exciting bonuses and promotions that boost their bankroll and increase their winning chances.  Apart from the bountiful rewards, they offer a massive selection of table games and different variants of top-rated casino games.  

Bringing live casino games on your screen requires much effort when compared to other casino games.  Therefore, playing a live dealer game is not as straightforward as the traditional slot and table games.  Live games are handled by human agents, commonly called dealers or croupiers.  These individuals have undergone comprehensive training on how to lead live casino games efficiently and elegantly.  

Most times, the croupiers are vibrant, attractive, and young gentlemen and ladies. Apart from being familiar with the equipment and the games, they also know how to add fun to the game.  They keep tabs on gamers’ activities through the use of monitors; they must be aware of the chat messages, betting decisions wins, interaction with patrons, and new participants in the game. 

Live Dealer Online Casino Games


blackjack cards

Blackjack is an entertaining and straightforward table game available at any casino site.  The game is easy to learn, and it features some of the best of odds.

Live blackjack is based more on skill; this is why professional players prefer the game.

Here are the tips that you should follow when playing live blackjack: 

Choose a table with the lowest bet

One of this game’s strategies is that you should only play live blackjack tables with minimum bets that suit your bankroll.  You should not play at any live blackjack with minimum bets higher than 5 percent of your bankroll.  Following this tip will enable you to stay long in the game and also boost your winning chances. 

Do not play more than one hand at a time if possible. 

Another essential tip that you should adopt when playing live blackjack is to play one hand at a time.  The easiest way to be successful with any method you adopt is to use one hand. 

Make use of the blackjack chart. 

A blackjack chart is a guide that tells you the action to take in some specific situation.  For instance, it explains what to do when the dealer has a ten and a two while you have a ten and a four. Choose a blackjack chart based on the number of decks on the game.  

What Does Splits Means in Live Blackjack? 

The blackjack split is a useful strategy when playing with the dealer.  The division is necessary when a player’s initial two-card hand comprises two similar cards; that is, cards having the same value. 

 This gives the players the privilege to split the cards into two different hands. Once this is done, the dealer will give the player an extra card for each hand. 

Before you can split in live blackjack, you must place an extra bet on a fresh hand that is the same as the original bet placed at the commencement of the game.  

Live Dealer Casino Sites Baccarat 


Live Baccarat is an exciting game that you play with a live dealer.  The game offers the same experience as the land-based casinos.  To play this game, visit the live casino game section of your preferred casino, and click on your favorite live baccarat game. 

You will have the opportunity to play in real-time with a live dealer. 

Below are some of the tips to boost your chances of winning:  

  • Be careful with side bets; they boast of massive rewards, but these bets are dangerous.  
  • Adopt a simple money management strategy as this will enable you to play within your means. In other words, you must not learn how to manage your bankroll.  
  • One of the qualities of live baccarat is the history of past game results.  Do not rely on these data because they are entirely random. 

Why Play Live Baccarat? 

Live baccarat comes with several benefits; they offer a real-life gaming experience. Some of the reasons to play this include the followings:  


You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the optimal baccarat experience.  Therefore, you can play with a real opponent without getting to the land-based casino. Live baccarat brings the game right in the comfort of your home.  All you need is to register and deposit at the live casino site. 

You can choose your dealer. 

Another advantage of live dealer games is that you have the privilege to choose your dealer.  It will interest you to know that some live site allows you to choose your croupier’s gender and ethnicity.   


gold roulette

Live roulette is one of the popular games you can play at a live casino site.  It offers an authentic gaming experience. 

The game is different from other traditional roulette games because players can interact with the croupier from the comfort of their homes. 

Here are the steps involved in playing live dealer games: 

  • The dealer will give players some time to place their bets. 
  • You can bet on a specified number or event.
  • The croupier will flick the ball and set the wheel rolling. 
  • The dealer will say, “no more bets when the ball stops on the wheel.”  
  • Wait to find out the outcome of the bet.  

One important live roulette betting tip that you should have at the back of your mind is choosing the right variant of the game.  Live sites do not feature many variations of live roulettes, but you are sure to find the standard ones, which include European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette.  You should avoid American Roulette and always for the French or European variation of the game.  

Is There a Way to Beat Roulette? 

The fact is, you can beat roulette without buying a “sure-fire” system.  You can boost your winning chances for a game like roulette by wagering on bets with the minimum casino advantages. It does not stop at that; you need to find the right live roulette variant.  With these steps, you have set the odds in your favor.  Follow these three steps to beat live roulette: 

Play European Variation 

The American table’s house advantage is 5.26 percent, while that of the European Roulette is 2.7 percent.  Therefore, it is advisable to play roulette always. 

Avoid some bets. 

Some of the bets you should avoid when you aim to beat roulette include single number bets and five number bets.  Five number bets come with the worst odds, while single number bets have large differences between payouts and success odds. 

Bets to Place 

Go for bets whose odds are closer to their payout.  This type of bet involves betting on Odd, Low, Even, High, Black, or Red.  

Live Dealer Craps

Playing live craps can be exciting and fun, but if you want success out of it, then you should get tips and tricks on how to play this casino table game. Here are tips to play live craps:

Understand the game

Know how the game works. This is the most important step to do before you place your bets on the craps table. Basically, this is a game where the bettors place a bet on the outcome of the dice. You can read more about the game or you can observe players on how they play the game.

Know the types of crap bets

Before you place any bet on a number, get to know the different crap bets that you can choose. Experienced bettors know these very well, and their knowledge helps them create a tactic in betting. It is then important that you understand the bets so you can choose where you will be comfortable with betting.

Know the betting rules

Since you will play live craps, know what the online betting site’s rules and regulations in betting are. Get to know their accepted payment and withdrawal methods and the do’s and don’ts that they implement for the game of live craps.

Why Play live Craps?

If you are fond of playing within a casino venue but would like things to be more convenient, then playing live craps in your chosen online betting site is perfect. Live craps is your best way to experience the game in the comfort of your homes. Playing live craps is exciting and fun as you play with other wagers who are also playing online. It is the closest you can get to play the traditional craps in a casino venue.

It is just important that you choose the online casino site that you join carefully to ensure that you will have a fun and pleasant betting experience. Live craps is a game for all, especially for those who are experienced in placing bets in casino games. And since it is played online, then everyone can try the game and eventually create a betting tactic that they can use in the game of live craps.

Features of A Live Online Casino Bonus 

The best live dealer casino sites in the UK offers a wide range of versatile, top-quality games, including roulette, poker, and baccarat.   Apart from that, they feature excellent graphics and themes, and they are compatible with a wide range of internet-enabled mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and iPhones.  Here are some of the features to expect at any of the top UK online casinos offering live dealer games: 

🎰 Live Casino Bonuses  

Most live online UK casinos offer exciting bonuses on their live dealer games.  These rewards are available for all categories of players, whether a newbie or an existing player. Live casino bonuses increase gamers’ playing time, translating into more winnings for skillful players.  You are advised to go through the bonus terms before claiming a live dealer bonus. 

🎰 Top-ranking Software and Payment Providers  

These gambling sites partner with some of the leading payment and software suppliers in the gaming industry.  First, they offer a wide range of fast and convenient banking options that allows gamers to deposit and get down to the action without delay. They also allow gamers to cash out their winnings without having to wait for several days or weeks.  Furthermore, it will interest you to know that these casino sites partner with UK-licensed game providers, which means they have undergone all the required checks and testing.  

🎰 High-quality customer support service 

The reliability of gambling sites hinges on the level of support offered to its customers.  Live UK casino sites offer high-quality customer support. It employs experienced and friendly agents who are always available to communicate with players via multiple channels, including telephone, email, and online chat. The customer agents are available round the clock to offer maximum support to players in all aspects of the online casino.

🎰 Mobile optimization and other High-tech features  

One aspect where live online UK casinos shine is the use of high tech features. These advanced technological features have revolutionized online gaming as players do not need to step out of their house anymore for a live casino experience. Players can now access their favorite live dealer casino site games via mobile devices. 

Apart from that, more casino sites are now offering virtual reality gaming that provides a thrilling and immersive gaming experience to players.  

How to Find Safe Live Dealer Online casino Sites 

There are several key factors to consider when looking for a safe online casino. Without this knowledge, you may fall into the wrong hands.  The first action you need to take once you have found your preferred gambling site is to check if the website holds the required license. 

Holding a UK license means that the casino site has passed all essential requirements provided by the licensing body, and it is legal and safe for players. You should not register at a gambling site that does not hold a standard license for safety reasons.  Other factors to consider before selecting a live online casino in the United Kingdom include the followings: 

✅ Reputation 

The reputation of live casino sites matters a lot as it reveals many things to you about the website. To learn more about a casino site’s history, you can ask a friend or family member who has visited the site before about their experience.  Also, several review sites are online where players visit to give their honest comments about their experience at a gambling site.  Stay clear of gambling sites that have had payment issues with several players in the past.  

✅ Game Quality and Variety 

You need to take note of the quality and variety of games at the live casino sites. These features are essential because it affects your gaming experience at the gambling site. Casino sites with a vast range of live dealer games offer players an extensive option to choose from. Also, the quality game can boost users’ experience and improve their game, increasing their winning chances.

✅ Security  

Before choosing a live dealer site, check the safety measures available to protect the players’ information and financial data from hackers.  One of the features to look out for is the advanced firewall and encryption technology, which protects the website from external interference.

✅ Customer Service 

The questions to ask here are; how long does it take the online casino to respond via email?  Do they pick up their calls immediately?  Do they offer a satisfactory solution to problems brought to them?  The answer to these and other questions will give you an idea of the customer service quality of any live casino site.   

Live Casino Bonus

UK casino sites offering live dealer games feature a wide range of bonuses and promotional offers to all their players.  However, you need to understand that these rewards vary from one gambling site to another.   Before we consider the various bonuses available at the live casino online in the UK, let’s examine some of the factors you must consider before selecting a live casino bonus.  Here are some of the criteria: 

  • A fair and straightforward wagering requirement that is easy to read and comprehend. 
  • A massive range of live dealer and other games
  • A vast range of betting limits to favor all budgets, as well as impressive payout rates on all game variants  
  • Availability of easy, convenient, and safe payment options for fast deposits and withdrawals  

Here are the different types of live dealer bonus available at UK gambling sites: 

♠️️ First Deposit Bonus  

This bonus is not specific to live casino games, but it is usually awarded to new players who make their first deposit at the casino site.  A first deposit bonus can be an excellent way to boost your winning chances at live dealer games.  The bonus fund forms a certain percentage of your deposit amount.  Some of the conditions you need to keep an eye on are the bonus cap, minimum deposit requirements, and wagering requirement.  

♥️️ Game-Specific Bonus 

As the name implies, this bonus is available on certain live games.  For instance, you may be rewarded for playing live poker, live roulette, live blackjack, or any other table games.  Bear in mind that this bonus is not as popular as the first deposit bonus.  You can claim other rewards like a live casino promo code, no deposit bonus, and others. 

♠️️ Live Casino Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus at live casinos is made up of the entire welcome package the casino site offers new sign ups once for their first X amount of initial deposits. The Live Casino welcome bonus can be made up of free spins, extra cash to play with and in some cases even a no deposit bonus which will allow players to play without needing to deposit any money.

♥️️ Live Casino Sign Up Bonus

In order to be eligible to enjoy the live casino sign up bonus all players need to do is sign up to the casino and make the first deposit. A sign up bonus at live casinos is a way for a casino to differentiate it self from its competitors and try to draw as many new customers to it as possible.

The Live casino sign up bonuses can be played at all the live games the T&C permits the bonus to be played at.

♠️️ Live Casino Customer Bonus

The live online casino customer offers to refer to any bonus a live casino provides to its players. These bonuses come in every form and can be claimed at any time the casino provides them. The casino provides live casino players bonuses in order to keep the players engaged and keep them coming back to play.

An example of such live dealer customer offers is auto cashback, weekend bonuses, Holiday bonuses, and more.

Payment Options at Live Dealer Online Casino Sites

Live online casinos operating in the United Kingdom supports a wide range of banking options that make deposits and payments easier for players.  Below are some of the top banking methods available at these gambling sites: 

🎖 Entropay

Entropay is a well-known payment option in the United Kingdom; it enables players to fund their casino account using a virtual Visa card. You can create a virtual VISA card once you have funds in your account.  Also, you can credit your account directly through bank transfer. The virtual Visa card allows you to make payment easily. 

🎖 Debit and Credit Card  

Debit and credit cards are some of the easiest ways to deposit and cash out funds from a live casino site. They are easy to use and generally acceptable. To make a deposit, you will need to enter your card number and the CVC number. Visa, AMEX, and MasterCard are some popular credit cards used for making payments online. 

🎖 Neteller 

Neteller is a top-rated e-wallet payment options adopted by virtually all gambling sites in the United Kingdom.  

With this payment option, players can fund their casino account and withdraw their funds without delay or any other issue.  Being an e-wallet option, you need to fund your account via Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit card, or Skrill. You can easily deposit to your preferred live UK online casino once there is a fund in your account.  Other payment methods are Skrill, Paysafe Card, PayPal, Boku, Ecopayz, Webmoney, and many others. 

Advantages of Live Online Casinos 

Live UK casinos online come with many remarkable benefits that attract more casino players worldwide.  If you are looking to sign up at any live casino sites in the UK, you need to look into the pros and cons of gambling at these sites.  In this section, we will walk you through some of the advantages you stand to gain when you play on these sites; this is aimed to give you an idea of what to expect at these gambling sites.  Here are some of the advantages of playing at Live online UK casinos: 

👍 You can play from anywhere 

One of the merits of live casino sites is that they are compatible with internet-enabled mobile devices, enabling players to enjoy real live dealer action at any location once there is a stable internet connection.

👍 Impressive Bonus and promotional offers

Unlike land-based casinos, players can enjoy generous bonuses and promotions at live online casinos.  Some of the bonuses and promotions offer available at these gambling sites have been discussed above.

👍 Real-time gambling with live dealers  

The most trivial benefit of live casino sites is that you can see how the game is being played and the outcomes.

👍 Live communication with dealers

Another advantage is that you can chat with your live dealer to send and receive information in real-time.

Disadvantages of Live Online Casinos 

Live casinos online have a few demerits that are worth sharing. 

👎 First, it can be slow sometimes because other gamers may not be as fast as you desired. 

👎 You might have to wait for a while to play your desired table game because all the available spaces are filled up.  Note that these apply to some card games as there are games that can host an unlimited number of gamers at once.  Examples are Live Roulette and Unlimited Blackjack. 


Many players prefer to bet on a live dealer game because it offers them an exciting opportunity to play with real dealers and communicate with them in real-time, irrespective of their locations.  Furthermore, live dealer games require good internet as it involves the live streaming of games. 

Before you register on your preferred live UK casino sites, considers some features like security, customer support, reputation, user experience, and many others. Also, go through their pros and cons to know what you stand to gain as well as the drawbacks of playing these games.