Certified Online Casinos

Certified Online Casinos

If you are looking to play at a trusted and reliable gambling site that offers high-quality casino products and services, then you should go for a licensed online casino.

These casino sites offer excellent bonuses to motivate and elongate their gamers’ playing time.  Some of the rewards available at these gambling sites include welcome packages, cashback bonuses, referral bonuses, and comp points. 

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What are Certified Online Casinos? 

The online gambling world is changing rapidly as new casinos continue to emerge regularly. Anyone without the technical know-how can set up a casino site, and some of these individuals do not have the interest of players in mind.  

Furthermore, these casino sites adopt the latest encryption and firewall technology to offer maximum protection to their players. Therefore, they are ideal platforms for players concerned about the security of their personal and financial details.  

Regulated online casinos do not manipulate games, they offer fair games. Their games usually undergo periodic auditing to test their randomness. The gambling sites attend to gamers’ complaints and inquiries through their highly qualified customer agents. The online casino cannot overlook players’ rights and protection because they are answerable to a regulatory authority. 

To protect players’ interest, these gambling sites are required to obtain a certification that shows that they have what it takes to offer casino products and services to players.  Apart from that, it shows that they have the legal right to operate in a particular jurisdiction.   

In simple terms, a certified online casino is a gambling site that has obtained all the necessary licenses that permits it to operate legally in a country.  It also gives players assurance that a casino site is a safe and trusted one. 

A licensed online casino supports convenient and safe banking options that allow players to deposit and cash out their winnings without delay.   Bear in mind that some casino sites put up a fake license; therefore, it is advisable to double-check before registering on the platform.  

If you are looking for a trustworthy, licensed online casino, you need to know the gambling industry’s major licensing bodies. Some of the major gambling authorities that issue licenses to operators include the followings: 

  • The United Kingdom Gambling Commission 
  • The Alderney Gambling Control Commission 
  • Curacao Gaming Authority 
  • Malta Gaming Authority 
  • Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association 

Licensed Casino Games


blackjack cards

Blackjack is a popular game among experienced and beginner players because it offers a fascinating and rewarding gaming experience.  Apart from that, the game is easy to learn. Regulated blackjack offers fair and exciting gameplay.

Most licensed online casinos provide a regulated blackjack.  Furthermore, these gambling sites operate under reputable gambling authorities.

Follow these simple steps to boost your chances of success at a blackjack table.  

Stay calm and bet within your means. 

An important strategy that you must follow when playing blackjack is to manage your bankroll.  Proper management of your bankroll will enable you to stay long in the game. Choosing a small bet will allow you to play as many sessions as possible and boost your winning chances. 

Never Split tens 

One of the ways to boost your success chances at the roulette table is to split a pair.  This gives you an edge, especially when your dealer’s card is weak.  

Double down when you have 11 

Another essential tip is to double down if you have 11. This means that you should double your bets when you receive two cards.  This should be done before you take the next card. 

What Does Split Mean in Blackjack? 

One of the most useful strategies of the game is splitting. You can split when you have two similar initial cards. In other words, the initial two-card hands are of the same value. 

It involves splitting the card into two separate hands.  The dealer will offer the player an additional card for each hand. To split in a blackjack game, the player must place an extra bet on a new hand, similar to the bets placed at the start of the game. 



To play licensed baccarat, you must register and deposit at a regulated gambling site.  These gambling sites offer several variants of this game. 

It is an exciting game that is powered by reputable software developers.  Licensed baccarat is an entirely random game that gives you a good chance of winning.

Follow these tips to boost your winning chances: 

Don’t be carried away with patterns. 

The game does not follow a particular pattern; it is entirely random.  This means that each result is distinct and non-repetitive. Therefore, it is impossible to have a sure way of predicting the game outcome.  You will perfect better at the game if you are not carried away by past statistics or result history.  

Keep your playing session short.  

An excellent way to prevent a massive loss or retain your winnings is to stop playing at the right time.  Players sometimes experience a quick session of winnings, followed by unexpected losses. To avoid losing all your winnings and deposit at one sitting, it is advisable to quit after a short winning session and continue another day. 

Avoid tie bet 

The chances of winning tie bets are low, but many players are drawn to this type of bet because it has an attractive payout.   

Why Play at Licensed Baccarat? 

Playing licensed baccarat comes with myriads of advantages. Apart from its fair gameplay, the game is easy to learn and play. Here are the benefits of playing a regulated blackjack: 

The game offers a good chance of winning. 

Licensed baccarat is entirely fair and random, so players have a good chance of winning their bets. Apart from that, all players have equal footing. In other words, no one is having an edge.  

It does not waste the players’ time. 

The game ends quickly, unlike other card games like rummy or poker. So, you can play as many sessions as you desire within a short time.  

It is straightforward 

No particular skill is required to play this game; you only need to know is the simple addition of numbers.   You don’t need to commit any rule to memory; it is a game of luck. 


gold roulette

Roulette is an exciting card game available in almost all online casinos around the globe. Bear in mind that you need to register at a licensed online casino to access a regulated roulette.

Certified roulette usually undergoes a periodic randomness check by the appropriate regulatory body. 

It is worth mentioning that it is a game of luck, but players can increase their chances of success by following the tips below: 

Know the different versions of roulette available 

You cannot choose the right roulette variant if you don’t know the versions of the game available. Apart from that, you must know the payout percentages of these variants.  The common variations of roulette include French, European, and American Roulette. Furthermore, these variants differ in several areas, including table layout, house edges, and others. 

Pay attention to roulette payout. 

Before you play a licensed roulette, you must understand the game’s odds and other vital aspects. Keep in mind that these odds vary according to a gambling site.  Therefore, you must check the odds when playing a new roulette version or a new gambling site. 

Is There a Way to Beat Roulette? 

Licensed roulette is entirely safe for play, and its outcome is random. If you are looking for ways to boost your winning chances at the roulette table, consider the following tips: 

Play for the European version of the game 

European roulette offers high winning chances.  Therefore, it is highly recommended for gamers looking for ways to beat the game.   

Practice the game online 

You can enrich your knowledge of the game by practicing online at some of the top-rated online casinos. This way, you will boost your winning chances when next you play licensed roulette.   


Why Should You Online Play Online Craps at Licensed Casinos

There are tons of online casino sites that offer craps. However, bettors need to understand that not all casino sites are licensed and legit. With this, it is important that you only choose to play craps in licensed casino sites. Here are the reasons why:

Legit banking methods

Licensed casino sites only accept legit banking methods. They do not make use of payment and cash-outs that are merely under the table. Everything goes through the regulations of the bank. Therefore, your funds are safe and protected by playing in licensed casino sites.

Protection of gamblers

The licenses that casino sites have include protection of gamblers’ rights. This means that you will be far from online scams and frauds as their regulations imply strict implementation.

Legit bonuses, bets and wins

With licensed casino sites, playing craps can be safe as they will fulfill what they have stated when it comes to bonuses, bets and winnings. You will not be tricked as they are licensed and legit as well.

Playing craps online can be fun and exciting. But if you want to have a hassle-free betting experience, it is best to choose an online casino site that is licensed.

Features of Regulated Online Casinos

Gamers prefer licensed online casinos for many reasons, including safety, quality of casino products and services, excellent customer support, bountiful bonuses and promotions, among others.  These gambling sites partners with top-ranking software and payment providers; some of the banking options on this platform include PayPal, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Neteller, Entropay, Visa, Bitcoin, and Skrill.  

Below are some of the notable features of certified online casinos: 

🎰 Robust Security    

One of the features of regulated online casinos is all-round safety.  The gambling site adopts the latest encryption and firewall technology to safeguard all their players’ data. To know if the website uses a secure SSL certificate, check its URL; if it starts with ‘https.’ It shows that the website is highly secured. You should avoid a website with an ‘http’ URL.  

🎰 License and Regulation   

These gambling sites are regulated by respected gambling authorities, who are in charge of issuing licenses and making sure that the online casinos abide by the rules and regulations.   

🎰 Safe and fast Banking Option  

Certified casino sites offer safe and convenient banking options. Apart from that, they do not withhold customers’ funds or indulge in any shady transactions.   They support a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options like e-wallets, debit and credit cards, cryptocurrencies, among others.  

🎰 Player Authentication Procedure   

The player authentication procedure is a common feature of licensed online casinos. Most of these sites will ask you to verify your email or phone number when creating an account.  Also, these gambling sites allow gamers to under KYC verification before they cash out their funds; these involve uploading proofs like a utility bill or government ID.    

How to Find a Safe Licensed Online Casinos?

Choosing a trusted casino site requires some effort as you need to select from several gambling sites. So, you need to have a proper understanding of the gambling sites’ features. 

You should not base your selection on the license alone; you need to pay attention to other essential factors when picking a safe and trustworthy online casino.  Here are some of the factors to consider: 

✅ Bonuses

One of the factors that you should consider when looking for a reliable and safe online casino is the bonus and promotional offers.  Some of these offers come with hard-to-meet conditions; therefore, you should pay attention to the bonus terms before you claim it.  

✅ Customer Support

Another factor that you should not overlook when selecting a certified online casino is the quality of customer support. 

Check if the customer agents can be reached via different contact points, including telephone, email, and live chat.  A sign of a safe and trustworthy gambling site is speed and professionalism. 

✅ Secure Payments   

You must not overlook the payment options as it also determines the ease and speed of transactions on a platform.  The banking option must be fast, convenient, and trouble-free.  Also, the casino sites must give players the option of choosing their preferred payment method. Some of the payment methods you should consider are PayPal, Visa, Neteller, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Entropay, and hosts of others. 

✅ Reputation

The reputation of a licensed casino site is also worth considering. These gambling sites have several players; therefore, you should ask for information about their gambling experience. You can also check some of the review sites online to read players’ comments. This will enable you to identify some brands that have issues with gamers. 

✅ Live casino and slot games 

Apart from the bonuses and the quality of customer support, you need to pay attention to the casino games available on the platform.  Apart from that, you must also consider the software suppliers that power these games. Rather than focusing on the number of games, consider the game variation.  Furthermore, bettors are beginning to develop an interest in live casino games; so, they are also worth considering.  You should not overlook the limits placed on these games. 

Advantages of Licensed online Casinos  

You stand to gain several benefits when you play at a regulated online casino. Some of these advantages include fair gameplay, exciting bonus offers, safe and fast payment methods, and many others. Below are some of the observed pros of gambling at a certified online casino: 

👍 Top-quality customer support  

One of the benefits of gambling at a regulated casino site is access to excellent customer service.  The support team is always available to help gamers with any issue faced while playing at the gambling site.  These online casinos are guided by rules and regulation that protects players’ interest; so, the maximum support to all their players.  

👍 Fast Withdrawal 

Another benefit of gambling at a certified online casino is safe and fast withdrawal.  Apart from that, the gambling site features convenient and reliable payment options that allow players to deposit and withdraw their money without any hassle.  So, if you prefer to play a real money game at a casino site that offers fast withdrawals, register at one of the trusted licensed casino sites.  

👍 Robust Security   

Your personal details and transactions are safe on these gambling sites because they adopt strict security measures.  They utilize advanced encryption and firewall technology to protect their website from external interference.  

👍 Generous offers    

Licensed casino sites offer a generous bonus and promotional offers to their new and existing customers. These offers aim to motivate and boost the winning chances of both new and existing players.  Some of the bonuses available on these platforms include welcome offers, free spins, loyalty rewards, referral bonuses, and a host of others.

👍 Fair Gameplay   

The games on these platforms undergo periodic auditing to check their randomness and fairness. One of the conditions required to obtain or retain a license is that a casino site must offer its players fair games. Therefore, if you are looking to play entirely random games, consider any of the top-rated licensed casino sites. 

Disadvantages of Licensed Online Casinos

👎 Restrictions

Regulated casino sites may come with some restrictions that limit the amount a player can deposit and withdraw.  Such a condition put a limitation on players’ earnings, especially high rollers. 

👎 Quick to suspend defaulters 

Furthermore, most of these gambling sites mandate players to undergo KYC verification before they can cash out their winnings; this turns some players off because they think it is unnecessary and wastes time. 


Certified online casinos are the ideal gambling sites for players looking for a safe, reliable, and rewarding gambling site to play their favorite real money games.  These sites are highly secured as they adopt state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect their websites from cybercriminals.  Another noteworthy feature of these sites is the high-quality customer support; they feature experienced and responsive support personnel available round the clock to attend to players’ inquiries and complaints.  

It is worth mentioning that these gambling sites partner with top-ranking payment providers for fast and convenient transactions.  Apart from that, you can take advantage of the generous bonuses and promotions on this platform.  You must, however, be prepared to undergo email or phone verification when registering on this platform.  Also, you will be required to present your utility bill or government-issued ID before the withdrawal.