Best Real Money Online Casinos January 2021

Here at onlinecasinos, after revieing all the important aspects of real money online casinos such as game providers, security, promotions, payment methods, withdrawal times, loyalty programmes and more we have hand-selected the very best new online casinos in the UK.

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Real Money Online Casinos

Real Money Online casinos have been around for quite some time. There are online casino sites that operate in different parts of the world, making this industry popular and well-attended by casino players and bettors.

There are now a lot of online casino sites that people can join and register to so they can play casino and betting games anywhere they are. Depending on your location, specifications and expectations, you can choose the casino site that will fit your preferences.

Playing online casino has made the Real Money casino and betting games move closer to more people, particularly those who are fond of playing in land-based casinos because of its accessibility and convenience.

What should You Look for When Searching for Real Money Online Casinos?

When choosing a real money casino site to join, it is important to list down important criteria so you can land on the perfect choice for you to play in. The criteria should be based on what you are looking for and what you want to get from the casino site.

Doing this will prevent you from joining casino sites that will end you up in disappointment. Here are a few for the things to look for when you are on the search for an online real money casino site to join.

♠️️ Availability 

Keep in mind that casino sites require licenses to operate specifically in the country where the company is based. It is important to know if the real money casino site you are eyeing for is available in your country.

It is possible that some casino sites may not operate in your location. When looking for a casino site to join, make sure that you can legally access it in your place.

♥️️ Quality and number of games offered

When playing in a casino site, it is important that the games offered are fun, enjoyable and fair. Therefore, it is important to look into the number of games being offered by the site. But it is not just about the quantity.

You should also see if there are variations in the games offered. Sometimes, casino sites offer thousands of games but only to find out they are almost the same.

♠️️ Customer Support 

Choose a casino site that has 24/7 customer support. This will help you in case you experience troubles and issues in the games as you can speak to the site representative.

Choose a casino site that gives a lot of access to its customer support like chat, phone or email.

♥️️ Reputation  

The reputation of the real money casino site is important. Choose one that is highly recommended by many analysts and casino players. It is also important that the site gets high ratings and does not have any disputes among its players and members.

Real Money Online Casino Bonuses

The best thing about joining and playing in online casino sites is that they offer bonuses and special deals.

Most casino sites offer bonuses to attract more players to join and play on their site. There are bonuses that can really be lucrative for a player. These are also used to thank the players for their loyalty. It is always a good deal when receiving bonuses from real money casino sites.

It is just important that players know how to use these well so it can result to more winnings and even more free games.

Here are the most common online casino bonuses that players can get when joining casino sites.

Real Money Casino Welcome Bonus

This is the most common bonus offered by almost all casino sites. It is given to newly registered players. Usually, the bonus can be in cash form or in free games. There are sites that give lucrative welcome bonuses. So, it is best to compare the welcome bonus packages of the sites before joining.

Real Money Casino Sites No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is usually given to new members of the site. The casino site would attract players to sign up and get to play instantly without even depositing to the accounts. The player receives a sign up bonus so they can start playing the games offered. Once the bonus games run out, the player can simply deposit to their account to play again.

Real Money Game Bonuses

There are games that have corresponding bonuses. For instance, slots games usually give out free spins to players. These are usually unexpected bonuses to players who choose a special game with bonus.

Real Money Occasional Bonuses

Casino sites have lots of occasions to celebrate, and most of them give bonuses on these occasions. The bonuses given may vary depending on what the real money casino site wishes to give out to their loyal players and members.

How to Find Safe Real Money Casino Bonuses

If you want to join a casino site, it is important to know how to spot the safe ones. You must understand that not all casino sites are safe to play in. Some might even draw you closer to online scams and frauds. Here are some hints to help you find a safe real money casino site.

Does not change terms frequently

Frequent change in the site’s, and game’s terms can be a red flag. This simply means that the company does not think well of what they would want to offer to their clients. If there are changes made to the terms, it should only be because of a new law or license rule.

Non-compulsory Bonuses

There are bonuses that players find useless or not lucrative and beneficial. The site should not force its players to take advantage or use the bonuses if they do not want to.

Quick Payouts

The most common issue among the casino site and its players is the payout. A site is safe when it pays its players in a timely manner. It should not take long before a player can get their winnings. The manner of paying the players should also be through a legit banking method.

Customer Support at Real Money Online Casinos

One thing that most players look for a real money casino site is the efficiency and availability of its customer support. Players will feel at ease in playing in a casino site when they know that customer support is available any time they need it. Therefore, it should operate 24/7.

The real money casino site’s customer support should not only be available at all times, but it should also be efficient. This means that they should be knowledgeable with how to help the players with their concerns, issues and problems. They should be able to answer queries and be of good help to all the players and members.

Last, the customer support should be contacted through different means. The site should be give the players different ways to access the customer support such as through phone, email or chat. The players and members should not have difficulties getting through customer support.

An effective customer support is what will help the site keep its players and members. Anyone who feels comfortable and safe playing in a site will not have any reasons to switch to another casino site to play in. Before joining a casino site, get to know how effective and accessible their customer support is.

How do We Review Real Money Online Casinos

Reviews of online casino sites are important for people who would like to join and play online casino. These reviews will help players to carefully assess the casino sites that they feel are worth joining. It can also help players pick the best casino site that they will enjoy playing in.

Reviewing or rating real money online casino sites is not a simple task. There are so many things to look into in order to determine the best rating a casino site deserves. Here are some categories that are considered when giving ratings to a casino site.


The real money casino site will be checked whether or not players trust them. Does it have issues with past members? Or did it have disputes particularly with financial aspect? A casino site can get high ratings when players put their full trust in it. It should be able to protect their members from cyber crime and other financial troubles. When a casino site can get more members and keep their old ones loyal, then this is a sign that players trust it.


In order to achieve high ratings, a casino site needs to offer lots of games. Keep in mind that players flock at a real money casino site because they want to play casino and betting games. The casino site should have a wide variety of games. It should also come from licensed and top game providers. And last, the games should be able to provide players not just enjoyment but also lucrative prizes.

Special Deals

Casino sites are known for their promotions and bonuses. The online casino sites that have many and beneficial bonuses and promotions will get good ratings as everyone would enjoy anything given for free. The bonuses should give players good amount of free games, added deposits or even cash rewards. These special deals make playing in the casino site more fun and exciting. A real money casino site could also rank good when it gives out surprise deals and bonuses as these appear special to casino players.

Banking Methods

The banking methods a casino site has are always an issue among players. Sometimes, the site has very limited banking methods that the players cannot choose one that will fit their preferences. The real money casino site should offer many banking options to their players. Also, deposits and withdrawals should be fast and not bring any problems for the members.

What Games can Be Found at Real Money Online Casinos  

Players join real money casino sites because of the vast array of games that they can play. The best thing about playing at online casino sites is that the games appear more enjoyable, visually pleasing, colorful and action-packed. The sounds also add up to the fun that the games can offer.

There are so many games that casino sites can offer. Among the popular ones are:

🎰 Slots 

If played in a traditional land-based real money casino, this requires the use of a slot machine. Most of the time, slots games have themes. It can use fruits, symbols, numbers or anything that can appear to be interesting, colorful and fun. When all the slots appear the same, the player wins. This is a fast and easy game and is preferred by many because it is hassle-free and with no complications. You just hit the control and the machine will take care of the game.

With the online casino, you can find many variations of slots games. There are the progressive slots, 3D slots, fruit machines, video slots, 3, 5, 7 reel machines, single and multiplayer slots. Even in online real money casino, slots games remain popular and well loved. In fact, many land-based casino players switched to playing online because of the visual appeal that the slots games provide. It is also fun and exciting as the traditional one. But it also gives a good amount of winnings.

Slot Games

With slots games on real money online casino sites, prizes may vary. The rates of the games may also differ. Some casino sites offer more slots games than the others. Most casino sites give out free spins as a bonus to this game, and this is being enjoyed by many slots games fans. Just like with the traditional slots games, the player will never know what will come out of the machine screen.

There is no technique or strategy that can promise sure-fire win for this game. And this makes it exciting for many casino players. With the many slots games offered in casino sites, players will never run out of slots to play and enjoy. Slots games are a fun way to play at casino sites without ever thinking of what strategy you have to play. It is free play, but with lots of excitement.

These gambling sites are mobile-optimized, which means that they can be accessed on a wide range of mobile devices.  You register, fund your account, and play your favorite real money casino game on your mobile device. The only difference between a mobile site and the desktop site is the screen size; the gaming experience is virtually the same.  

🎰 Blackjack 

Blackjack is also known as twenty-one for some. When played in a casino, whether land-based or online, the players compete against the banker. The primary goal of the game is to get a total that is closer to twenty-one. However, the total should not go over twenty-one. The one with the total closest to twenty-one wins. This is a popular game in real money casinos because it is also being played by many even outside casino. It is fun and exciting but should be played with excellent strategy and analysis.

Blackjack is one of the first games offered in casinos. Therefore, it is well known all around the globe. Online casino sites have lots of blackjack games to offer. In the online casino, the players play against the banker or house. They do not play against each other.

Blackjack in online real money casinos have many variants to choose from. It is still the usual blackjack but is given with a few twists and turns to make it more exciting. In online casinos, you can play European blackjack, bonus blackjack, blackjack switch, pontoon, perfect pairs, Spanish 21, super fun 21, Chinese blackjack, and many more. Online casino sites would create different variants of blackjack to attract more players to play the game.

Real Money Blackjack

Betting and prizes may also vary in blackjack. There are casino sites that have bigger bets for this game since it is one of the most popular. There are also bonuses given when you play blackjack in online casinos. For some sites, they have special bonuses that are only to be played in blackjack games. For other sites, winning in blackjack games can give more extra bets or free deposits. There are tons of blackjack games to choose from in online casinos, which is why land-based casino fans flock online real money casino sites these days.

These new casino sites offer bonuses that are higher than what we have so far.  They come with different reward programs to motivate and keep their customers playing.   

🎰 Roulette 

Roulette is a long time casino game that is played with a wheel. In French, roulette means little wheel, and this is exactly how the game is played. It uses a wheel with numbers and colors. Players will place a bet on a color or number they want. The banker will spin the wheel and wherever the ball lands at the end of spin wins the game. This is an exciting, fast game. There are no complicated rules in roulette. However, there are so many elements that can be placed bets on. Players can bet on a color, number, groupings, odd or even or high or low.

Roulette becomes more exciting because it can be played with many other players. In online casinos, there are different roulette games that can be enjoyed by many players. Among the popular roulette games offered in real money casino sites are French roulette, American route, European roulette, 3-D roulette, multi-ball roulette, and multi-wheel roulette. Players prefer playing roulette games on online casino sites because it has more colors, sounds and actions. Online roulette games are graphically designed to engage more players.

Real Money Roulete

In most online casino sites, bonuses are offered when playing roulette games. The bonuses can sometimes be exclusive in roulette games, while some casinos offer bonuses that can be played in other games. Roulette has remained to be a popular real money casino game all over the world, whether land-based or online. Players love its unpredictability, bringing in lots of excitement for every spin. There are a few strategies being used by experienced casino players in roulette. But these are just tips on how to decrease the chances of losing big amounts. Roulette is well loved by casino players because it is fast, fun and can give lots of wins if lady luck is on your side.

The gambling sites make use of modern technology in protecting their websites from cybercriminals. As stated earlier, they adopt the latest advanced encryption and firewall technology to safeguard their customers’ data.  Apart from mobile compatibility, they feature high-quality graphics and themes that appeal to all categories of players. 

🎰 Live Dealer

Live dealer games are the closest you can get to the traditional casino games played in land-based casinos. This will give you the feels of playing in a traditional real money casino, but only that you are not inside the casino building as this is played online. With live dealer games, you are not playing with or against a computer. But you are playing with a human and with other players. There are a lot of online casino sites that offer live dealer games. Most online casino players opt for this type of game because you get to play with other players, which make the games even more exciting.

With online casino sites, there are tons of live dealer games to play and enjoy. Among these are live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live poker, live bingo and many others. The bets and prizes will also vary depending on what the casino site offers. There are some casino sites that offer only a few live games. So, it is important to check on what real money casino offers first, so you get to choose the one that has more live dealer games. It is also good to choose those that have special deals in their live games.

Real Money Live Dealer

When opting to play live dealer games, you get to strategize with or against other players. You can make a betting tactic so you can avoid losing big amounts in the games. This is also your chance to know how other players play their game and tactics. Playing with other players will give you a great real money casino experience, as this is your chance to socialize and enjoy the games while learning more from others. Beginners would often use this type of game to know more of the strategies being used in their preferred live dealer games.

🎰 Bingo

Bingo has been a world-known game. It is a well-loved game, even from way back. Even before it was played in real money casinos, bingo has already been a game that many people learned to enjoy. This is among the oldest games played in land-based casinos, and now it is also being offered in online casino sites.

Though bingo is known as a game of chance, many people still love playing the game because of the excitement and prizes that it can bring. With online real money casino sites, bingo games have become more exciting, eye-appealing, colorful and attractive. Casino sites have also brought in a few twists to the traditional bingo games to make it more engaging to play. In online casino sites, there are different bingo games that casino players can choose from. The more popular ones are the 50-ball bingo, 60-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo and the 90-ball bingo.

Real Money Bingo

Bingo fans will never run out of online bingo games to play on their chosen casino site. It is because real money online casino sites have created tons of combinations, patterns and variations in bingo. You get to play from the simplest to the most complex bingo patterns with corresponding bets and prizes. Therefore, online bingo has become even more popular among casino players.

Among the well-loved bingo patterns are the 4-corner bingo, wine glass, clock pattern, windmill pattern and many others. But of course, there will always be the traditional patterns like the diagonal, letter patterns, vertical, horizontal and all-board patterns. All these bingo patterns become an attraction to casino players to try online bingo.

To further attract more players to online bingo, real money casino sites offer bonuses and special deals that can only be used in the bingo games. This will give the players the chance to see the excitement that online bingo games can offer.

Payment Methods at Real Money Online Casinos

Payment methods in real money online casino sites should offer many options to the members and players. This is to allow them to choose the best method that will fit their preferences. Online casino sites should only offer legit banking methods to assure the security and protection of the members and players. The payment methods are often the ones used for deposit and also for withdrawal.

The banking methods often offered by real money casino sites are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • ecoPayz
  • Paysafe
  • Bitcoin
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal
  • InstaDebit

These will be used by the players to deposit money to their account in order to play casino games. There are some online casinos that make use of the same banking method for deposit and withdrawal. But there are also others that will allow the players to choose another method for the withdrawal.

When choosing a real money casino site to join, it is important to choose the one that has legit methods and does not have any past banking issues with their players. When a casino site uses only legit banking methods, then the players are assured of a safe gaming and betting experience.

Before you sign up with an real money online casino site, it is best to check on the banking methods used by the site. Also, do research on how well the casino site pays its players. Choose one that has fast banking procedures. Deposits and withdrawals should not give you any problems, but instead, it should be a breeze in the casino site that you choose. Keep in mind that the payment methods are important for you to play the games offered by the online casino site. It is best to choose the one that will give you a hassle free banking transaction and protected betting and casino gaming experience.

How does the UKGC Protect Real Money Casino Players

For UK players, they would find online casinos that are licensed by UKGC. This license aims to give protection to casino players. With UKGC licensed online casino sites, players can expect:

Fair Gaming

UKGC regulates the casino and betting games offered by the online casino sites. This means that the games allowed to be played in the sites are those that give a fair chance of winning to the players. The rules and terms of the games will not be lopsided towards the casino site. UKGC also ensures that the games are not controlled by the game provider or even the real money casino site.

Security and Protection

UKGC protects the players from cyber crimes. It aims to keep safe the player’s personal and financial information. This prevents the cyber crime offenders to target and victimize the real money casino players and bettors. With UKGC, players can be assured of protected and secured casino gaming.

Gambling Problem Issues

UKGC licensed sites are also registered with self-restricting programs and applications to prevent players from betting and spending excessively. These real money real money online casinos that are registered in self-restricting programs set limits to the gaming of the players, and those who reach their limits will not be allowed to gamble for some time.

Real Money Online Casino Licenses

In order for online casino sites to legally operate and provide online casino games, the sites need to get the proper gambling licenses. These licenses will assure the casino site that they will only provide safe and legit real money casino games to their members.

Also, getting proper gambling licenses will give the casino site some benefits with their taxes and security. It is recommended that real money online casino players choose licensed casino sites only. Here are some online casino licenses.


One of the more common licenses is the UKGC. This is for real money casino sites in the UK territory. Casino sites can take advantage of the 0% tax on the profits when they got this license.

🎖 Malta 

This is also a common license obtained by casino sites. This license will allow the real money online casinos to offer gaming even to British players.

However, once this license is obtained, the real money casino site will need to adhere to the strict gambling rules that aim to protect players and members.

🎖 Curacao 

This license is popular among Canada real money online casinos. It was created to put a control on the gambling attitude of many online real money casino players. It has strict rules on over betting and going over the amount set for betting.

Best Tips for Players at Real Money Online Casinos

Betting and playing tips will help players play their best at real money online casinos. Through the tips, a player can have a fun and safe experience in real money casino gaming and betting at the casino site of their choice.

Here are some tips for real money casino players.

  • Play at the best licensed online real money casinos. Do not settle for the illegitimate casino sites that will draw you closer to cyber crimes and gambling problems.
  • Bet small amounts. This tip is especially helpful for beginners. There is no need to place huge bets. Even small bets can win. This will also help you prevent losing big time amounts of money.
  • Set your betting limit. Keep in mind that gambling is not your way of life. It should not bring you to bigger financial problems as you go along betting and gambling. Once you have reached your set limit of spending, know how to control yourself and stop gambling.
  • Learn betting strategies. Real Money Casino games have strategies that players can use to increase chances of winning. You can learn more from the experts, research, and other players. When you have learned and practiced these strategies, then you can play smart when gambling on the real money online casino site.
1) What do I need to start playing at a real money online casino?

There really is not much effort needed for one to get started with playing at an online casino. One simply needs to choose a real money casino site to join. Register using honest information. One will also need a banking method to use for the deposit to play real money casino games. And last, the money to deposit to your casino account.
Of course, one needs to be fitted to the requirements of the site such as the location and age. Starting up with casino playing is easy and hassle-free as everything can be done online. The real money casino sites these days are easy to navigate and user friendly.

2) Which is the best real money casino online game for beginners?

For beginners, there are lots of real money online casino games they can try. In case they are not familiar with how the games work, they can start with games that require little strategies and analysis such as slots or roulettes. These are fun, easy and quick games that anyone can enjoy. They are more of a game of luck, as you do not control what the results will be. Bingo is also a beginner-friendly real money casino game. Everyone knows how bingo is played and for those who do not know yet, it is a game that is easily learned.

3) Are the best online casinos prepared for mobile?

Yes, they are. When a real money casino site is considered being one of the best, it means that it can be accessed using different platforms and this includes mobile gadgets. Most online casino sites these days are prepared and accessible to different platforms. Aside from mobile phones, people can play online casino using their iPads, laptops and others.
Real money Online casinos made casino gaming become more popular. It also made casino gaming become closer to more people because of its accessibility. With the help of mobile ready casino sites, more people can easily and conveniently play casino games without leaving their seats wherever they are.

4) Are there limits to online gambling?

Yes, there are limits to online gambling. There are real money online casinos that set limit on their deposits that once the limit is reached, it prevents a player to further play until a set timeframe has elapsed. There are also casino sites that are on self-restricting programs and applications that put a halt to a player’s gambling once their maximum betting is reached. Another limit that one can use is the personal choice to stay away from gambling. It is possible to register your devices to a self-exclusion program so you will not have any access to online gambling for a set period.

5) Can you win money at online casinos?

Yes. If you have found a good real money online casino site that has a lot of real money casino games, then you are up for a good amount of cash winnings. Before joining a casino site, check on the RTP or Return to Player percentages of the games. This will give you an insight if playing their casino games will be lucrative for you.
Also, using excellent strategies and betting tactics in real money casino games will bring you the money winnings that you are looking for in an online casino site. Research and analysis on what the casino site offers can help you choose where to play to get money from your winnings.

Real Money Casino Conclusion

Real money Real Money Online casinos have brought casino gaming closer to more people, especially those who do not wish to visit land-based casinos. Through real money online casinos, people can play their favorite casino games wherever they are. These casino sites can be accessed using different platforms which is why it is convenient for many. Playing online casino games can be addictive just like in playing in traditional real money casinos. Therefore, it is important that before you join any casino site, you are aware of your limits and controls in gaming and betting.

Real Money Online casinos have become more popular among casino players because they offer more games, bonuses and winnings. There are games that will make players feel like they are also playing in Vegas or other land-based casinos. The presence of real money online casinos all over the world makes it possible for many people to enjoy casino games in a safe and convenient way.